Mark Antony. 32 to 31 BC. Legionary denarius (legion VIII).

Ancient Coins - Mark Antony.  32 to 31 BC.  Legionary denarius (legion VIII).
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Denomination : Silver denarius.

Mint : It is not know for certain where the Legionary denarii of Mark Antony were struck, but it is thought the mint might have been at Patrae.

Date : issue of 32 to 31 BC.

Reference : RSC Mark Antony #35.

Size : 18.0 x 19.1 mm. Weight : 3.32 grams.

Grade :  gVF/XF, but a scratch has been repaired in the reverse field.

Obverse : Praetorian gallery right, with ANT AVG III VIR R P C above (but only the ANT is actually on the flan).

Reverse : A legionary eagle between two legionary standards, with LEG VIII either side of the legionary eagle.  A wide scratch has been partially repaired just below the VIII and is visible on the image. 

While the obverse is slighty off-centre, loosing part of it's inscription, and a scratch has been repaired on the reverse, this is still a very spectacular example of a legionary denarius, far nicer than one normally sees.



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