Marius. AD 269. AE antoninianus.

Ancient Coins - Marius. AD 269.  AE antoninianus.
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Denomination : Bronze Antoninianus.  Mint : Cologne.

Reference : RIC 5, part 2, page 377 #9.  Sear-11120

Size : 16.9 x 18.0 mm.   Weight : 3.12 grams.

Grade : VF slightly off-centre.

Obverse : Radiate bust of Marius right, with IMP C M AVR MARIVS P F AVG around (the first half of the inscription is off the flan, but IVS P F AVG is clear.

Reverse : Felicitas standing left holding a caduceus and cornucopiae, with SAEC FELICITAS around.

At a glance one could confuse this coin with Postumus, as both Postumus and Marius have similar portraits and the part of the obverse inscription visible could be MVS P F AVG with the first part of the M off the flan.  However, Postumus never issued this reverse type, so the coin can only be a Marius.

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