Malta, countermarked bronze 4 Tari.

Ancient Coins - Malta, countermarked bronze 4 Tari.
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Knights of Malta. 

Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris Castellar, AD 1636 to 1657.

Denomination : Bronze 4 Tari, with 7 countermarks.

Size : 31.7 x 32.2  mm. Weight : 5.32 grams.

Grade :  Coin - aG or worse.  Countermarks - average VF (one is partially obliterated by a newer countermark on the other side).

Both the obverse and reverse are so worn as to be almost gone, but it is the countermarks that are important.  The extreme wear is to be expected considering the countermarks show this coin remained circulation for for at least 136 years, and probably longer (they were not offically withdrawn until 1827). 

Normally this type was countermarked 4 to 5 times.  Specimens with 6 countermarks are unusual.  This example has 7 countermarks, which is very rare (those with 8 are very very rare).  The countermarks are as follows :

1. Double-headed eagle in a Shield. Countermark of Jean Paul Lascaris Castellar by decrees of 17th May, 1646 and 28th May, 1646. 

2. Head of St. John the Baptist within an oval. Countermark of Raphael Cottoner, by decree of 19th April, 1662

3. Crowned fleur-de-lys within an irregular impression. Countermark of Adrien Wignacourt, by decree of 27th August, 1696.

4. Crowned star within an irregular impression. Countermark of Raymond Despuig by decree of  13th  December,1740.  This is a rare mark, because it was only decreed in the last few months of Raymond Despuig's reign, and is the reason for the higher than normal price for this type.

5, MA monogram within an irregular impression. Countermark Emmanuel Pinto by decree 30th May. 1766.

6. Crowned diamond within an irregular impression. Countermark of Emmanuel de Rohan by decree of 19th June, 1777 and 10th January, 1778.

7. Paschal lamb with banner of the Order within an octangular impression. Countermark of Emmanuel de Rohan by decree '17th July, 1792 and 29th October, 1792.

Only the crowned crescent within an irregular impression by Emmanuel Pinto, decree of 31st January, 1741, is missing from this coin.

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