Lycian Dynasts. ca. 500 to 440 BC. Silver stater.

Ancient Coins - Lycian Dynasts.  ca. 500 to 440 BC. Silver stater.
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Denomination : Silver Stater.

Date : This is not a well understood series, and the coins cannot be assigned to any specific Lycian Dynast, but they are thought to have been issued the period between 500 and 440 BC.

Reference : This is a variation on SNG von Aulock #4082.

Size : 15.5 x 18.3 mm.  Weight : 9.13 grams.

Grade : VF with the lower part of the obverse slightly rough.

Obverse : Pegasus left. However, there is a possibility this is actually a winged hippocamp and if you look closely you can see what might be the V of a hippocamps tail curled over on the flank.

Reverse : Lion's head left. 

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