LU'LU'ID, Badr al-Din Lu'Lu, AH 644 (AD1246). Gold dinar.

Ancient Coins - LU'LU'ID, Badr al-Din Lu'Lu, AH 644 (AD1246).  Gold dinar.
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Lu'Lu'Id.  Badr al din Lu'lu, AH 631 to 657 (AD 1233 to 1258).  Mitchiner lists these as a subgroup of the Zangid of Mosul, as Badr al din Lu'lu was a slave under the Zangids that successfully rebelled against them to form his own state.

Denomination : Gold dinar

Mint : al-Mawsil (I believe this is the same as Mosul).

Date : AH 644 (AD 1246).

Reference : Album-1871, MI-1131 var.

Size : 27.7 x 28.3 mm.  Weight : 6.21 grams.

Grade :  XF to AU and nice for one of these.

: Arabic inscriptions.

Reverse : Arabic inscriptions.

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