Licinius II as Caesar, AD 317 to 324. AE 3.

Ancient Coins - Licinius II as Caesar, AD 317 to 324.  AE 3.
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Denomination : AE 3. Mint : MSHA (Heraclia, 1st officina) 

Date : AD 317 to 324

Size : 18.0 x 18.5 mm.  Weight : 2.69 grams.

Reference : Sear-3815

Grade :  F with a very slight bend  from being hit by something right behind Licinius' head.

Obverse : Helmeted and curiassed head of Licinius II left, holding a spear over his shoulder, with D N LICIN LICINIVS NOB C around.

Reverse : Jupiter standing left holding a sceptre, and a globe on which stands a small figure of Victory holding out a wreath, with an eagle on the ground to the left and a bound captive on the ground to the right, with IOVI CONSERVATORI around. The mint marks is SMHA (Heraclia, 1st officina) in the exergue, and in the upper right field is X over IIG, the meaning of which is uncertain.

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