Licinius I, AD 308-324. Bronze follis.

Ancient Coins - Licinius I, AD 308-324. Bronze follis.
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Licinius, AD 308-324

Denomination : Bronze follis. Mint : Nicomedia. Date : AD 313 to 317

Size : 21.3 x 22.4 mm.  Weight : 3.56 grams.

Reference : RIC VII Nicomedia 15, Sear-3798 variety

Grade :  XF, with just a trace of porosity on the cheek.

Obverse : Head of Licinius I right, with IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS P F AVG around.

Reverse : Jupiter standing left holding a sceptre, and a globe on which stands a small figure of Victory holding out a wreath, with IOVI CONSERVATORI around. The mint marks is SMN with an N over an A in the right field (Nicomedia, 1st officina).

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