Leo I, AD 457 to 474. Gold solidus.

Ancient Coins - Leo I, AD 457 to 474. Gold solidus.
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Denomination : Gold solidus.  Mint : Constantinople, 6th officina.

Size : 19.5 x 21.0 mm.  Weight : 4.40 grams.

Reference : RIC X, 605 (officina mark Dogma).

Grade : XF / aXF.  There is a small letter "X" scratched into the right field on the obverse with some light rub marks around that area where someone might have attepted to erase the x, and a minor tan color encrustation on the lower left edge of the reverse.

Obverse : Head of Leo 3/4 facing, with DN LEO PER PET P F AVG around.

Reverse : Victory standing left holding a long cross, with a star in the middle right field, with VICTORIA AVGGG around, followed by the officina mark S (the Greek letter Dogma), with CONOB below.

We stand behind the authenticity of our coins. Grading is subjective and the grade assigned may vary between numismatic professionals. The image is the best indicator of the grade.
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