Judaea, Bar Kochba War, silver zuz (denarius), AD 132-135

Ancient Coins - Judaea, Bar Kochba War, silver zuz (denarius), AD 132-135
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Denomination : Silver Zuz (denarius).

Date : undated, attributed to year 3 which is AD 134 to 135.

Reference : GIC 5663.  Meshore-202.

Size : 17.4 x 18.6 mm.  Weight : 3.74 grams.

Grade : XF with a very strong strike with no significant part of the design not struck up (one of the strongest I have seen).

Obverse : Hebrew inscription reading "Shimon", inside of a wreath.

Reverse : Single handled jug with a palm branch to the right, surrounded by a Hebrew inscription reading "for the freedom of Jerusalem".

As with all Zuz, this coin is over struck on an earlier coin, but the strike is so strong that only traces of that earlier coin are visible around the edges, and not enough to identify the undertype.

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