German, Aachen. Silver Groschen DATED 1421.

Ancient Coins - German, Aachen.  Silver Groschen DATED 1421.
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Denomination : Silver Groschen.

Date : 1421, written as MILLESIMO CCCC XXI.  See the inset image for the main part of the date oriented straight up and down (when I created the image, I cropped off the beginning of the date).

Size : 24.7 X 25.5 mm.  Weight : 1.82 grams.

Reference : Frey 19.

Grade : VG, but the fill date is clear.

Obverse : Bust of Saint Charles (Charlemgane) with the arms of Aachen below, with SCS KAROL MAG IPERATO around.

Reverse : Short cross with two rings of inscriptions around.  The outer ring reads ANNO DOMINI MILLESIMO CCC XXI.  The inner ring reads EMONETA VRB AQES.

I have listed the obverse and reverse position the way most German auctions do, but Frey lists the dated side as the obverse.

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