Gallienus, AD 253 to 268. Billon Antoninianus

Ancient Coins - Gallienus, AD 253 to 268. Billon Antoninianus
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Gallienus, AD 253 to 268.

Denomination : Billon Antoninianus. Mint : Antioch (or other eastern mint).

Size : 20.3 x 22.2 mm. Weight : 3.52 grams.
Reference : RSC-634

Grade :  VF/F  with a good silvery appearance.  There is a fairly large planchet flaw in the reverse right field.

Obverse : Head of Gallienus right, with GALLIENVS AVG around.

Reverse :  Minerva standing left, holding a spear, with a shield at her feet, with MINERVA AVG around.

This is a fairly nice examples of one of the later issue Antioch antoninianii that is fairly base (probably no more than 5 to 6% silver, but with a heavy silver wash that make it look very much like a much higher grade silver coin.

We stand behind the authenticity of our coins. Grading is subjective and the grade assigned may vary between numismatic professionals. The image is the best indicator of the grade.
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