Galba, AD 68 to 69. AE sestertius.

Ancient Coins - Galba, AD 68 to 69. AE sestertius.
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Denomination : AE sestertius. Mint : Rome.

Date : October of AD 68.

Reference : RIC I, page 252, #436.

Size : 34.1 x 35.5 mm. Weight : 26.22 grams.

Grade : VF with a slightly glossy dark brown patination. A very nice portrait of Galba.

Obverse : Head of Galba right, with SER GALBA IMP CAES AVG TR P around (a few letters are weak, but all can be read).

Reverse : Libertas standing left, holding a pileus and sceptre, with LIBERT to the right, and AVG to the left, with S C in the fields. Just the T and A are not struck up.

Because of the way the reverse inscrpition is widely spaced to the right and left, at a glance you get the impression it is not struck up at the top of the reverse. This is a false impression as there is no inscriptions above Libertas' head on this type.

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