Crusaders at Antioch. Tancred, AD 1101-1112.

Ancient Coins - Crusaders at Antioch. Tancred, AD 1101-1112.
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Crusaders in Antioch.  Regency of Tancred, AD 1101-1112.

Denomination : AE follis. Mint : Antioch.

Reference : COINS OF THE CRUSADER STATES, page 199, #3.

Size : 22.0 x 23.5 mm. Weight : 6.08 grams (heavy for the type).

Grade :  Fine for type, but the face on the obverse was never struck up (which is not unusual for the type, and the specimen illustrated on plate V, #3 only shows part of the face).

Obverse : Bust of Saint Peter facing forward while holding a long cross.

Reverse : A four line inscription in Greek that translates to 'LORD HELP YOUR SERVANT TANCRED', with a small cross below.

There are traces of an undertype on this coin, but not enough to be identified.

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