Crusader. Imitation of Al Zahir Ghazi silver dirham. after AD 1215.

Ancient Coins - Crusader.  Imitation of Al Zahir Ghazi silver dirham.  after AD 1215.
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Al-Zahir Gazi ruled from AD 1185 to 1216.  These Crusader imitations appear to have begun to be struck in AD 1216, and continued for a number of years after that.  It can be difficult to differentiate between an official Ayyubid dirhem and a Crusader imitation when there date is not visible (when it it, it will be a date not correct for the ruler), but the attribution of this specimen as Crusader was done by Steven Album and the coin will be shipped with his original tag.

Denomination : Silver 2 dirham.

Date : Not visible on the coin, but some time after AD 1215.

Mint : The mint marked on the coin is Halab (Aleppo) but that is certainly not where these were struck, and the exact minting city is not yet known for these, but it was probably either at or near Acre.

Reference : CCS page 133, #1 for this type, and Album 836 for the prototype coin.

Size : 19.7 x 20.5 mm.  Weight : 2.80 grams.

Grade : Fine to VF, could use some cleaning.

Reverse and Reverse : Arabic inscriptions.

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