Commodus. Bronze sestertius scarce type.

Ancient Coins - Commodus. Bronze sestertius scarce type.
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Commodus as sole Emperor.

Denomination : Bronze sestertius. Mint : Rome.

Date : issue of AD 186

Reference : Sear-5780.

Size : 26.0 x 28.5 mm. Weight : 20.33 grams.

Grade : aVF

Obverse : Head of Commodus right, with M COMMODVS ANT P FELIX AVG BRIT around (a few letters are off the flan).

Reverse : Arched distyle shrine in which stands a statue of janus standing on a plinth and holding a sceptre.  Due to having been struck on a slightly small flan, the majority of the reverse in scription is off the flan, but would have read  P M TR P XI IMP VII COS V P P around, and S C in the fields.

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