Claudius. AD 41 to 54. AE sestertius countermarked. ANCIENT COUNTERFEIT.

Ancient Coins - Claudius. AD 41 to 54. AE sestertius countermarked. ANCIENT COUNTERFEIT.
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As far as I can determine, this is an ancient counterfeit of a Claudius sestertius, mostly likely cast rather than die struck, intentionally made to look well worn with the countermark intentionally indistinct.  Most ancient counterfeits in this series are die struck, making this an unusual specimen.

Denomination : AE sestertius.

Mint : Uncertain probably un-official local mint.

Date : The official coin of tyis type was issued in AD 42, but this could have been made any time for many years after that.

Reference : The official coins of this type are Sear-1853.

Size : 34.5 x 35.7 mm.  Weight : 25.76 grams.

Grade : about Fine / Fine, with the countermark at best VG (but probably made that way intentionally). The coin is brassy with darker brown toning in spots, and could be loosely classed as a "TIBER" patination.

Obverse : Head of Claudius right, with TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP around (the last part of the inscription is not clear).

Reverse : Spes standing left holding a flower, with SPES AVGVSTA around and SC below (about 70% of the inscription is clear).

Countermark : The countermark across the chin is in a 9.9 x 4.2 mm rectangle and appears to be intentionally weak.  What I see is retrograde letters with a N by the nose, and an R by the chin (read looking from the left of the portrait, with room for one or two more letters in between.  This is probably attempting to copy the NCAPR countermarks, but there is not enough room in between the N and R for the CAP.  It is by no means unusual to see counterfeit countermarks on ancient counterfeit coin of this series, and I believe that is what this coin is.

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