Cilicia, Aigeai. 1st century BC. Silver tetradrachm (RARE TYPE).

Ancient Coins - Cilicia, Aigeai. 1st century BC. Silver tetradrachm (RARE TYPE).
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Denomination : Silver tetradrachm

Date : 30 to 29 BC.

Reference : These are listed by Arnold-Biucchi, but I don't have the reference to check which of the sub-varieties it is.

Size : 25.3 x 26.4 mm. Weight : 14.63 grams.

Grade : VF

Obverse : Head of  Tyche right.

Reverse : Athena standing left holding a small figure of Nike who is presenting her with a wreath, with a spear and shield behind her, a D H and a club below her arm, and the inscription AIGEAIWN to the right.  The date code IH for year 18 of the Caesarean era (30/29 BC) is below Athena, and there is a D slightly to the right.

Until a few years ago, only about 6 coins of this series were known to exist.  A hoard of about 100 examples, found a few years ago, have made it possible for collectors to find one for their collections.

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