Other Ancient Coins

Celtic, Noricum or East Noricum. Silver obol. 1st century BC.

Region : These coins were struck in the ancient region of Noricum in what is how mostly Austria and part of Slovinia, which was populated at the time by people of Panonian origin.  The area was a confederation of many (possibly 12) tribal groups and at this time it is not possible to assign this type to any particular one of them.

Denomination : Silver obol.  Known as the Karlstein art type.

Date : 1st century BC.

Reference : Slg. Lanz 311.   Kos, Sloweniens, pl. 21, 312.

Size : 8.0 x 8.9 mm. Weight : 0.69 grams.   This is a fairly small coin.

Grade : VF

Obverse : Very crude head right, that is little more than a lump.

Reverse : Horse standing left.


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