Celtic, Gaul. Remi Tribe. mid 1st centry BC. Cast potin.

Ancient Coins - Celtic, Gaul. Remi Tribe. mid 1st centry BC. Cast potin.
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The Remi were a Belgic tribe who settled in what is now the Champagne district of France, with their capital at what is now the modern city of Reims.  They allied themselves with Julius Caesar during his Celtic war, and were the most pro-Roman tribe in Gaul.

Denomination : Cast potin.

Date : The dating is these is not well understood, but somewhere between 60 and 40 BC is likely.

Reference : DLT-8124, Sear-137.

Size : 19.2 x 20.7 mm. Weight : 5.43 grams.

Grade : Fine / Good, dark brown patination.

Obverse : Human figure, possibly a warrior holding a torque and spear, walking right.

Reverse : There are many theories about what the geometric shape on these represents.  I have seen it called a bear, an elephant, and simply an uncertain animal (which I think is the best description).

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