Carinus, AD 283-285. Bronze Antoninianus.

Ancient Coins - Carinus, AD 283-285. Bronze Antoninianus.
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Denomination : Bronze Antoninianus. Mint : Antioch, 6th officina.

Reference : RIC 5, part 2 #205 (but officina not listed).  There is a note in RIC that some of the officina marks not listed should exist but could at that point not be confirmed. This coin confirms that officina mark S (6th officina) does exist for the type.

Size : 20.1 x 21.4  Weight : 3.15 grams.

Grade :  gVF/gF but slight rough.

: Radiate bust of Carinus right, with IMP C M AVR CARINVS NOB C around.

Reverse : Carinus standing left, holding a sceptre and receiving a globe (surmounted by Victory) from Jupiter, with VIRTVS AVGGG, with XXI below, and the officina mark S between the two figures.

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