Caracalla as Caesar, AD 195 to 198, Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Caracalla as Caesar, AD 195 to 198, Silver denarius.
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Denomination : Silver denarius. Mint : Rome.  

Date : issue of AD 198.

Reference : Sear-6672.

Size : 15.0 x 17.6 mm. Weight : 2.05 grams.

Grade :  VF but on a rather small flan with parts of the inscriptions off the edge.

Obverse : Head of Caracalla right, with M AVR ANTONINVS CAES around.

Reverse : The emblems of the Priestly college (lituus, apex, bucranium and simpulum), with DESTINATO IMPERAT around (part of the reverse inscription are off the flan).

For some reason, small light weight flans are fairly common during this period, although this one is significantly lighter than normal.  The reverse of this coin appears to have been struck with a slightly concave die, which is very unusual for any Roman coin of this period (they are normally struck from convex reverse dies), which makes me wonder of this coin was actually struck in the mint of Rome.  Although the style is perfect for Rome, I have to wonder if it could be an ancient counterfeit.

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