Caligula, AD 37 to 41. Copper As.

Ancient Coins - Caligula, AD 37 to 41. Copper As.
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Denomination : Copper As.  Mint : Rome.

Reference : Sear-1803.

Size : 25.4 x 26.7 mm.  Weight : 9.62 grams.

Grade : VF, slighly off-centre, with a smooth very dark green patination.  The patination is natural, and looks very nice, but one has to assume that a patination this smooth on one of these has been mechanically smoothed.

Obverse : Head of Caligula left, with C CAESAR M AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT around (a few of the letters are off the flan).

Reverse : Vesta seated left, hold and patera and scepre, with VESTA above, and S C to the sides.

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