C. Cassius. ca. 126 BC. Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - C. Cassius. ca. 126 BC. Silver denarius.
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Denomination : Silver denarius.

Reference : Sear-142. RSC Cassia-1

Size : 17.3 x 19.3 mm. Weight : 3.82 grams.

: gF-aVF

Obverse : Helmeted head of Roma right, with the denomination mark XVI in monogram, and a voting Urn both behind.

Reverse : Libertas driving a quadriga right while holding a pileus and rod, with C CASSI and ROMA in two lines below.

I have to wonder of the use of Libertas on the reverse, and voting urn on the obverse, is drawing a direct connection between one's liberty and ones right to vote.

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