Byzantine. Theophilus, AD 829 to 842. Bronze follis.

Ancient Coins - Byzantine. Theophilus, AD 829 to 842. Bronze follis.
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Denomination : Bronze follis.  Mint : Constantinople (?).

Size : 25.5 x 28.4 mm.  Weight : 8.23 grams.

Reference : Sear-1667.

Sear lists two types of these. #1667 of finer style and attributed to Constantinople, and #1685 of courser style attributed to an uncertain Provincial mint.  It can be diifficult to tell them apart (although this coin is of the better style) and I am not convinced this is two different mints. It is more likely two different celators, one more skillful than the other, working at the same mint (probably Constantinople).

Grade : aVF with a mid brown patina.  The surfaces are slightly course, so I suspect this coin was once cleaned to bare metal and has not re-toned.

Obverse : Three quarter Theophilus standing forward, with QEOFIL BASIL around.

Reverse : QEO  /  FILE  AVG  /  OVSTE SV  /  NICAS   in four lines.

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