Augustus, 27 BC - 14 AD. Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Augustus, 27 BC - 14 AD. Silver denarius.
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Denomination : Silver Denarius. Mint : Lugdunum.  

Date : Issued between 2 BC and 4 AD.

 Reference : Sear-1597.

Size : 18.2 x 18.8 mm. Weight : 3.80 grams.

Grade : VF but very well-centered with full inscriptions on both sides (these are rare with full inscriptions).  There are some odd textures in the fields behind the back of the head, but these appears to be part of the original striking.

Obverse : Head of Augustus right, with CAESAR AVGVST DIVI F PATER PATRIAE around.

Reverse : Gaius and Lucius standing forward with spears and shields between them, a simpula and lituus above,  and C L CAESARES AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT around.

This type commemorates Gaius and Lucius as Augustus' heirs.  However they pre-deceased him, and never became Emperors.  This type is rarely seen with the entire inscription on flan.

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