Armorican, Coriosolite. ca. 75 to 50 BC. Billon stater.

Ancient Coins - Armorican, Coriosolite. ca. 75 to 50 BC. Billon stater.
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tribal origin : The Coriosolites were an Armorican tribe situated in Cotes-D'Armor in Brittany. They minted coins only during the Gallic War.  After the Gallic War, thousands of Coriosolite coins were sent to Hengistbury in England via the island of Jersey for recycling and large hoards of these coins have been found on Jersey.

Denomination : Billon stater.

Date : ca. 75 to 50 B.C.  Most likely in 56 BC. 

Reference : Spink (British) #16 (class III).  Hooker : Group K of Series Y. Sear (Greek) #110.

Size : 20.3 X 21.2 mm. Weight : 5.32 grams.

Grade : VF/F but a large chip has been taken out of on side.

Obverse : Stylized head right

Reverse : Stylized horse right.

The way the part has been chipped on the right edge of the obverse looks very much like a nose and mouth on the head, but there are simply a ragged area on the break.

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