Antoninus Pius, AD 138 to 161, Bronze sestertius.

Ancient Coins - Antoninus Pius, AD 138 to 161, Bronze sestertius.
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Denomination : Bronze sestertius.  Mint : Rome.

Date : issue of AD 148.

Reference : Sear-4188.

Size : 30.9 x 32.4 mm.  Weight : 22.35 grams.

Grade : good Fine for wear but the reverse is a little pitted and over all the coin has been stripped of it's patina and is now toned a light to mid brown on bare metal.  The odd milky area you see at the bottom of the images is a glare from the lighting used when imaging the coin.

Obverse : Head of Antoninus Pius right, with ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TR P COS IIII around.

Reverse : Liberalitas standing right holding an abacus and cornucopiae, with LIBERALITAS AVG V around and S C flanking.

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