Aegina. Silver stater. ca. 510 to 490 BC.

Ancient Coins - Aegina. Silver stater. ca. 510 to 490 BC.
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Denomination : Silver stater.

Reference : Sear Greek - 1851

Size : 20.8 x 14.2 mm.  Weight : 12.26 grams.

Grade : Fine, struck on a thick narrow flan which means that a signficant part of the reverse punch is off the edges.  The turtle does fit very nicely on the flan with the head, tail, and at least parts of all four flippers visible.

Obverse : Sea turtle with a smooth shell.  There is small countermark on the turtles back, but I have not yet identified what is in the countermark.

Reverse : Incuse square with a pattern of eight triangles, five of which are sunken.

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