"Constantine II", AE3, 320, London mint type, VLPP Issue

Ancient Coins - "Constantine II", AE3, 320, London mint type, VLPP Issue
Constantine II?, AE3, 320, London mint type? 
Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right
Two Victories standing, facing each other and holding a shield inscribed VT / PV on altar with wreath
PLN? in exergue
16mm x 17mm, 1.58g
Ex Beast Coins VLPP Collection; Ex Moneta, South Shore Coin Show-Milwaukee, April 2009

Note: The only issues from London in the VLPP series with a radiate bust type are left facing. I cannot be certain what type and of whom the obverse is copying with so much of the legend off the flan.

Grade: aVF/Fine, deposits, attractive light green patina


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