PHOENICIA. Tyre, ‘Ozmilk (Azemilkos) (c.349-311/0 B.C.)

Ancient Coins - PHOENICIA. Tyre, ‘Ozmilk (Azemilkos) (c.349-311/0 B.C.)
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PHOENICIA. Tyre, ‘Ozmilk (Azemilkos) (c.349-311/0 B.C.), Silver Stater, 12.64 g,. Regnal year 2 = 356/355 B.C. Deity (Melqarth?) riding a hippocamp, with curled wing, to right, holding the reins and a bow, waves and a dolphin swimming to right below. Rev. Owl standing to right, head facing, a crook and flail in background, date and a Phoenician letter on right (BMC 26, pl. XXIX, 9). Toned, VF.
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