Silver Tetradrachm from Himera - 409 BC

Ancient Coins - Silver Tetradrachm from Himera - 409 BC
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A silver tetradrachm signed by the artist, Mai. Struck in Himera, Sicily, immediately before its total destruction by the Carthaginians, circa 409 BC.


The front of the coin with a chaotic scene; a racing four horse chariot, the horses rearing and raising their heads, a charioteer straining at the reins and the winged goddess of victory descending from above with a laurel wreath. The goddess also holds a small tablet inscribed with the signature of the artist who engraved these remarkable dies, a ketos sea monster below.

The back of the coin with the nymph Himera, wearing a long chiton and pouring libation from a patera onto a square altar. To the right, a naked satyr bathes in a fountain, water rushing out from the lion-headed spout in front of him.

A fantastically detailed example of Classical Greek art in miniature.

Weight: 17.40 g


Diameter: 24.65 mm




French private collection, acquired privately, July 1999.

With old inventory tickets and French cultural property passport.

Ancient Coins - Silver Tetradrachm from Himera - 409 BC
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