Rare Tetradrachm from Selinus - 450 BC

Ancient Coins - Rare Tetradrachm from Selinus - 450 BC
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A very rare silver tetradrachm from the city of Selinus, Sicily, circa 450 BC.

The obverse with Apollo and Artemis in a four horse chariot, Apollo preparing to fire an arrow from his bow, Artemis holding the reins. The inscription reading:


"Of the Selinites"

The reverse with the eponymous nude river god Selinos, holding an olive branch behind his back and pouring libation over a garlanded altar, a cockerel standing below. Behind the deity stands a fine statue of a bull on top of a tiered platform, a wild parsley leaf above. The inscription reading:


"Of Selinus"

Weight: 17.25 g

Diameter: 28.35 mm


Credit de la Bourse, Paris, 23rd May 1996, lot 17.

With French cultural property passport.

Ancient Coins - Rare Tetradrachm from Selinus - 450 BC
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