Byzantine Empire Constantine VII and Romanos II Solidus 945-959 AD CONSTANT CE ROMAN AYGG b R GOLD byzantine coin

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Byzantine Empire (ancient byzantine coins) / Byzantinisches Reich / Imperio bizantino (Bizancio) / Empire byzantin (Empire romain d'Orient) / Impero Bizantino, Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos (Porphyrogenitus) and Romanos II (Romanus II) / Konstantin VII. Porphyrogennetos (Porphyrogenitus) und Romanos II. / Constantino VII Porfirogéneta y Romano II / Constantin VII Porphyrogénète et Romain II / COSTANTINO VII con ROMANO II, 945-959 AD, Solidus (Aureus Solidus) / Sólido bizantino / SOLIDO, Issue: 913-959 AD, D/ IhS XPS ReX ReGNANTYM, Busto di Gesù regge il Vangelo (+ IhS XPS REX REGNANTIVm, facing bust of Christ Pantokrator), R/ CONSTANT CE ROMAN AYGG b R, Costantino VII e Romano II, diademati, reggono una croce patriarcale (COSTAnT´ CE ROmA AVGG b R, crowned facing busts of Constantine VII, wearing loros, and Romanus II, wearing chlamys, holding patriarchal cross between them), Zecca di Costantinopoli / Mint of Constantinople (Konstantinopel / Constantinopla), Rif. bibl. / References: Sear, 1750; D.O., 14; Metal: AU / GOLD / OR / ORO, gr. 4,38, (MB127355), Diam.: mm. 20,11, mBB / good VF
PROVENANCE: Ex Paoletti e Bernardi 1, n. 104.
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