M. Porcius Cato AR denarius – Roma(?)/Victory

Ancient Coins - M. Porcius Cato AR denarius – Roma(?)/Victory
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M. Porcius Cato AR denarius, 89 BC, 3.78gm, 18.6mm.  Obv: Diademed and draped female bust (Roma?) right; behind, ROMA (MA in ligature); below M·CATO (AT in ligature).  Rev: Victory seated right, holding palm and patera; below seat, ST; in exergue, VICTRIX (TR in ligature). Crawford 343/1c; Syd. 596a; Porcia 6.  gVF/aEF, nice deep toning, comes with the former owner’s well-researched and detailed information on this type (although the former owner erred slightly in identifying this coin as Crawford 343/1b rather than /1c, his interesting information on the basic 343/1 type still applies).  He also includes brief information on his date and cost of purchase.

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