Licinius I AV aureus – Jupiter – gEF

Ancient Coins - Licinius I AV aureus – Jupiter – gEF
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Licinius I AV aureus, 308-324 AD, 5.31gm, struck ca. 317-318 in Nicomedia, 20.56mm.  Obv: LICINIVS AVGVSTVS; laureate head right.  Rev: IOVI CONS LICINI AVG; Jupiter standing left on high platform, holding long scepter and Victory, eagle at feet; platform inscribed in two lines: SIC X / SIC XX; wreath in right field; SMNE in exergue.  Calico 5103a; Cohen 131v (officina); RIC VII p602, 19v (officina)*.  gEF, comes with David Sear long form Certificate of Authenticity describing the coin as “virtually mint state and very rare.”

*The legend 2 referred to in RIC 19 apparently is meant to refer to the legend 2 on page 600, not the legend 2 on page 601.

This issue was struck at the high point of the peace between Constantine and Licinius, however its design presaged the disintegration of that peace.  An image of Jupiter, the head of the Roman pagan pantheon, dominates the reverse. Licinius was a proud champion of the old Roman religion, while Constantine and his followers were increasingly turning to Christianity.  The conflict between Licinius and Constantine progressively took on aspects of a religious war, and at the final, decisive engagement between the two sides, the Battle of Chrysopolis, the forces of Licinius arrayed themselves with images of the pagan gods prominently displayed, while Constantine’s forces drew themselves up under numerous images of the Chi-Rho symbol.

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