Islands off Caria. Rhodos. Rhodes AE35 (drachm )– Helios/Rose in wreath – Attractive in-hand

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Islands off Caria, Rhodos, Rhodes Æ drachm, early 1st Cent. AD, 24.91gm, magistrate Sphairos, 35.0mm.  Obv: Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right.  Rev: Rose seen from above; PO above, ΣΦAIPOΣ below; all within wreath.  R. J. H. Ashton, "Rhodian Coinage in the Early Imperial Period” in Recent Turkish Coin Hoards, 105-6 (sod); SNG Copenhagen 870 (sod); BMC 345 (sod).  VF; attractive in-hand; scarce.

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