Arcadia. Arcadian League. Tegea: AR hemidrachm – Zeus/Kallistos – Work of the “Koppa master”; beautiful archaic style

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Arcadia, Arcadian League, Tegea: AR hemidrachm, ca. 465-460, 2.95gm, 16.1mm. Obv: Zeus, himation wrapped around waist, seated left on throne which has swan's head at top of backrest, holding sceptre, eagle flying left over his right hand.  Rev: ARK-A-ΔI-(koppa)O[N]; head of Kallistos right, hair bound with taenia and tied in bun in back, wearing necklace high up on neck; all within incuse square.  SNG Fitzwilliam 3841 (these dies); BCD Peloponnesos 1711 (sod, reverse die by same master); SNG Copenhagen 175-176v (legend) (sod); Williams II, 2, 93b (sod); BMC Peloponnesus p172, 31.  gVF, work of the "Koppa master," beautiful archaic style, interesting letterforms, die break on reverse.

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