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   This is a contemporary icon.  The icon is hand painted on stone.  The painting is well sealed so that it can be worn as a pendant without being damaged.  The pendant was created by a very talented artist in Europe. Length: 38 mm, Width: 25mm. 

 Saint- Georges was born in the city of Lydda, Palestine. He was the son of

    wealthy and pious parents, who raised him in the Christian faith

    Saint-Georges entered military service and was renowned among other soldiers

    for his qualities, his physical strength, his military behavior and his

    beauty. He quickly attained the high rank of a 'Tribunus Militum' in the

    Roman Army and commanded hundreds of soldiers. At that time, the Emperor Diocletian was a fanatical adherent of the Roman gods. He

    decided to revive dying paganism in the Roman Empire and as such, went down

    in history as one of the cruelest persecutors of Christians

Once at court, Saint-Georges heard about the inhuman treatment inflicted on Christians and courageously decided to show solidarity with them. Foreseeing that suffering was also awaiting him, he distributed all his belongings to the poor and freed his slaves. Then he went to Diocletian revealed himself as a Christian, and vigorously condemned the Emperor's cruelty and injustice. The Emperor submitted him to various atrocious tortures that lasted for several weeks. Patiently, the holy Martyr endured everything praying and glorifying Christ. Finally, the Emperor ordered his death and Saint-Georges was beheaded, in Nicomedia, on April 23, 303

The relics of Saint-Georges, also called the Trophy bearer, were placed in Lydda, in a church dedicated to him. His head was preserved in Rome in another church named after him

On icons, the glorious martyr Georges is depicted riding a white horse killing a dragon with a spear. This is based on what is known as his posthumous miracle:
It was believed that a dragon lived in the city of Beirut who often rose from a small lake or well, located between the walled town and the river and who devoured people.
In order to appease the fury of this monster, the superstitious inhabitants of Beirut used to offer him a youth or a maiden to eat. One day the dragon asked for the king's daughter and all the people begged the ruler to accede to the demand. The king had no choice but to accept and the weeping maiden was escorted to the shore of the lake�
As the beast approached her, a radiant man, the great martyr Georges, suddenly appeared on a white horse, killed the dragon with his lance and saved the princess.

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