Roman brooch( Pin intakt )of a bull. 100-300 AD.

Ancient Coins - Roman brooch( Pin intakt )of a bull. 100-300 AD.
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Roman brooch( Pin intact )of a bull. 100-300 AD.30mm

A brooch (pronounced /ˈbroʊtʃ/); also known in ancient times as a fibula; sometimes spelled broach, a homophone meaning both to open a cask and begin a new discussion, is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments. It is usually made of metal, often silver or gold but sometimes bronze or some other material. Brooches are frequently decorated with enamel or with gemstones and may be solely for ornament (as in the stomacher) or sometimes serve a practical function as a fastening, perhaps for a cloak.

The earliest known brooches are from the Bronze Age. As fashions in brooches changed rather fast, they are important chronological
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