Mark Antony Legionary Denarius. 32-31 BC. Praetorian galley right / Legio V Alaudae

Ancient Coins - Mark Antony Legionary Denarius. 32-31 BC. Praetorian galley right / Legio V Alaudae
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  Mark Antony Legionary Denarius. 32-31 BC. Praetorian galley right / LEG V Alaudae(Vetera, Germania Inferior = Xanten, Germany), aquila between two standards. Crawford 544/14; Sydenham 1216; BMC East,190; RSC 27. 

Legio V Alaudae, the larks, sometimes known as Gallica, was levied by Julius Caesar in 52 BC from native Gauls. Their emblem was an elephant, and their cognomen Alaudae came from the high crest on their helmets, typical of the Gauls, which made them look like larks. The French word 'Alouette' is a direct descendant of 'Alauda', itself not a proper Latin noun, but a loan word from Gaulish, possibly the first reason for the legionary name.

V Gallica was the first Roman legion composed of provincial soldiers, as opposed to Roman citizens. Caesar paid the soldiers with his own resources, but the legion was later recognized by the Roman Senate. V Alaudae fought in the Gallic wars until 49 BC, as one of the most brave legions of Caesar, then they were moved to Spain. They served with Mark Antony between 41 and 31 BC and probably fought in Actium. After Antony committed suicide, they were merged into Augustus' army in 30 BC.

Marcus Antonius (Latin: M�ANTONIVS�M�F�M�N[1]) (c. 83 BCAugust 1, 30 BC), known in English as Mark Antony, was a Roman politician and general. He was an important supporter of Gaius Julius Caesar as a military commander and administrator. After Caesar's assassination, Antony allied with Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus to form an official triumvirate which modern scholars have labelled the second triumvirate. The triumvirate broke up in 33 BC and the disagreement turned to civil war in 31 BC, in which Antony was defeated by Octavian at the Battle of Actium and then at Alexandria. Antony committed suicide along with his lover, Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, in 30 BC.
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