Seleucid Kingdom - Seleukos II 246-226BC AE15

Ancient Coins - Seleucid Kingdom - Seleukos II 246-226BC AE15
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Mint associated with Antioch. This mint was opened around 246-244 BC and continued through the reign of Seleukos II. It closed during the reign of Seleukos III and reopened briefly during the reign of Antiochos III.  The monogram of "DEL" arranged in a triangular pattern is indicative of this mint.  No one is sure of it's location. As dies were sometimes shared between this mint and Antioch is appears to be closely associated with that mint.  It may have been a workshop within the Antioch mint.

Obv: Bust of Apollo right

Rev: Humped bull standing left "BASILEWS" above, "[S]ELEU[KOU]" below,  "DEL" monogram to lower left

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