Corinth Stater 345-305 BC

Ancient Coins - Corinth Stater 345-305 BC
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Struck on both sides with nice new dies.  With new dies the chance of some feature getting clogged is greater.   The mint letter below pegasus was clogged.  There is a slight circular depression where this would be.   Looks like a "Q" but as I cannot be absolutely sure, so my city attribution is not certain.  The symbol on the obverse was also not completely struck up but appears to be a plow as seen on Pegasi 439.  If these symbols were struck up, I would be asking almost twice as much as I am for this coin.

Obv: Pegasus flying left, "Q" below (?)

Rev: Bust of Athena wearing a corinthian helmet left, plow(?) behind.

Pegasi 439(?)

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