Sextus Pompey, Silver Denarius

Ancient Coins - Sextus Pompey, Silver Denarius
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Sextus Pompey. Q. Nasidius, commander of the fleet.
Silver Denarius, mint of Massilia, 44-43 BC.
Obverse: Bare head of Pompey Magnus facing right, NEPTVNI behind, trident before, dolphin swimming to right below.
Reverse: Galley under oar and sail to right, star in upper left field, [Q•]NASIDIVS below.
(Crawford 483/2; CRI 235; Sydenham 1350; BMCRR Sicily 21-4; RSC 20 (Pompey the Great)).
Nearly Extremely Fine. Area of weak strike on the portrait, but a spectacular naval reverse type.
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