Hungary, Bela III.1172-1196 - AE27 Cupped Denar


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Hungary, Bela III.1172-1196 - AE27 Cupped Denar

Bela III of Hungary (Hungarian III. B�la, Slovak: Belo III),born in 1148, was King of Kingdom of Hungary circa 1172-1196. He wasthe son of King Geza II of Hungary and Euphrosyne (daughter of GrandDuke Mstislav of Kiev). As a boy he was sent to Constantinople to beeducated in the court of the Emperor. Bela III succeeded hisbrother Stephen III of Hungary and was crowned under the influence ofhis father-in-law, the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus. Bela IIImarried:

Maria Comnena, daughter of Emperor Manuel I Comnenus with no issue. They were engaged in 1163, separated in 1169.

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