INDO-SCYTHIAN: Azilises AR tetradrachm. SCARCE and SUPERB!


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Obverse King mounted on horse right, holding spear, Greek legend around: BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MEΓAΛOY / AZIΛICOY
Reverse City Goddess standing left, holding lamp and palm, monogram at left, Kharoshthi letter dhra at right, Kharoshthi legend around: maharajasa rajarajasa mahatasa / ayilishasa
Date c. 1st century BCE
Weight 9.52 gm.
Diameter 27 mm.
Die axis 1 o'clock
Reference MIG 801 var (unlisted monogram combination, see MIG 802k for drachm), Sen 56.21T
Comments All coins of Azilises are scarce. A CHOICE coin!
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