INDIA, Silaharas of Konkan ? or Paramaras of Malwa ?, Anonymous Silver drachm (gadhaiya paisa type) with Battle Scene. UNUSUAL and CHOICE!


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Obverse Degenerate Indo-Sasanian style bust right, sri at left, "fish hook" at right.
Reverse Battle scene showing rider on horseback right trampling one victim underfoot and brandishing his sword at another victim at right, sun above, bow left.
Date c. 13th century
Weight 4.38 gm
Diameter c. 13-14 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference Deyell 167, Mitchiner Non-Islamic 649-52
Comments A very unusual coin showing a battle scene on the reverse (see image below for line drawing of the three major figures in the scene). Normally it is hard to make out the scene because so much of the composition is off the flan. This specimen shows a bold rider brandishing his sword, the bow at left and sun above are fully visible, but only bits of the two victims can be seen.

Mitchiner assigns this coin type to the Silaharas of Konkan, but acknowledges other attributions are possible. Deyell lists it after the coinage of the Paramaras of Malwa; it seems to be a successor coinage to some Paramar coins. It could have been issued by them or by another dynasty as yet unidentified.
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