INDIA, PARAMARAS of VIDARBHA, Jagadeva (12th century) Gold pagoda. SUPERB and VERY RARE!


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Obverse Four punches, including blundered Kannada Sri x 2, facing LEFT, spearhead with symbol, and legend punch with Nagari legend: Sri Jagadeva
Reverse Blank
Date 12th century
Weight 3.68 gm.
Diameter 18-19 mm.
Die axis n.a.
Reference Chandrasekhar Gupta, ICS Newsletter, No.43 (2007)
Comments This coin type had been assigned to the Chalukya king Jagadekamalla II by Chattopadhyaya, but has been recently reassigned by Chandrasekhar Gupta to the Paramaras of Vidarbha. Gupta did not note a very interesting aspect of this coin that strengthens his argument for attributing it to Jagadeva Paramara ... the symbol inside the spearhead (variously described as a fish, a lingam, or, by Gupta, a shrine, but which looks like a stick-figure human being to me!) is echoed in the coin of Jagadeva's son, Bhojadeva Paramara.

A SUPERB specimen, with very clear, full legend and clear punches. The type was unobtainable until a few years ago, when a few coins appeared on the market ... it is still VERY RARE!
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