INDIA, Baroda, Sayaji Rao II (1819-47) Copper 1/2 paisa, Baroda mint, rayed sun type, ERROR DATE AH 1661. UNIQUE?


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Obverse Legend in the name of Muhammad Akbar II, including AH date 1661 !!
Reverse Rayed sun
Date c. AH 1247 (= 1831-32 CE)
Weight 4.42 gm.
Diameter 16-17 mm.
Die axis 6 o'clock
Reference Unpublished, variety of KM C31.4
Comments Sayaji Rao's Baroda paisas form a most interesting series in that there is a whole series of different symbols featured on the reverse. This coin features a rayed sun.

The coin carries an obvious error date of AH 1661! This date is extremely strange. It could easily have been explained as a retrograde 1221, but that year was the first year of Sayaji Rao's reign, when his coins carried a dagger symbol, not a rayed sun. The rayed sun coins were issued only in AH 1247. So how the die cutter mistakenly carved 1661 on this coin is a complete mystery!
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