INDIA, PRINCELY STATES: JODHPUR, Umaid Singh (1918-1947): Gold 1/4 mohur in the name of George V


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Obverse Legend, including jhar, Devanagari sri (for Jodhpur mint), and Persian 5 (for George V)
Reverse Legend, including Devanagari Sri Mataji
Date 1918-1936
Weight 2.77 gm.
Diameter 17-18 mm.
Die axis 1 o'clock
Reference KM 36
Comments Since Umaid Singh ruled 1918-1947, and George V ruled 1910-1936, this coin must have been minted during the period of overlap, 1918-1936. A CHOICE specimen of a scarce type. The quarter mohurs may be scarcer than the full mohurs.

This coin is very interesting as it appears to carry some Devanagari letters above the legend Sri Mataji on the reverse.
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