INDIA, MAURYA: Series Vb punchmarked silver karshapana, GH 510.


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Obverse Five official punches.
(See image below for the official marks)
Reverse One small official mark
Date c. 270-175 BCE
Weight 3.01 gm.
Dimensions 15 x 14 mm.
Die axis n.a.
Reference GH 510
Comments According to Gupta and Hardaker, the Series Vb coins are issues of the Mauryan empire at its peak. They date these coins to c. 270-175 BCE, the time of Ashoka and his successors. The Series Vb coins differ from the Va coins in that they have a small official punch on the reverse. Note that this coin has a small chaitya, or three-arch hill, on the reverse, a mark not noted by GH.
Image of punches
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